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THIS is an icon.

Absolutely: As in “The Prime Minister is absolutely opposed to everything.” or  “John Smith was absolutely in love with the girl next door.”. The PM either was or was not opposed to everything and John Smith was or was not in love.

Address: You don’t address a problem, you fix it.

A raft of …A raft of measures, a raft of new policiesa raft of – well anything really. Unless said measures or policies are about to be piled onto a water going vessel and set adrift, say several or numerous or (here’s a thought) give a number.

Unveil: Unless there’s a dignitary about to pull a silken cloth from something, say announce or open.

Icon/ic: An icon is a religious image. NOT a sportsperson.

Hero: Similarly, a sportsperson is not a hero. Heroes risk their lives. Sportspeople do not.

Legend: Sticking with our sports theme – a legend is mythical. Sports people live and breathe among us.

Boost: The government’s polling numbers do not receive a boost. They increase.

Issue: It’s a problem.

Boss: Woolworths boss Ian Moir sounds just plain disrespectful. And lazy. If you don’t know someone’s title – find out! By the way, Mr Moir is the chief executive officer.

Commence/ment: Start. Or begin if you must.

Have a conversation: I will throttle the next person who uses this phrase in front of me. I used to work with someone who was constantly about to have a conversation about an issue with a subordinate, exhorting colleagues about the need to have a conversation about anything and everything and even told her long-suffering grandmother-in-law (for whom English was her second language) that if she had any issues she needed to have a conversation with her family. Normal people (and journalists) TALK!


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