As a newspaper journalist, I’ve written many an advertorial in my day. I’ve also written many an editorial for an advertising client.

They’re called “plugs” and while neither is genuine editorial, they certainly have a place in print and online publications as a means to promote the goods and services of businesses in an informative and interesting way.

So what is an advertorial – and what are their benefits to your business?

As the name suggests, an advertorial is a cross between an ad and editorial (ie a news story). The best ever example of an advertorial is the Oil of Olay pieces that have run in newspapers and magazines since Moses was a lad. And seriously, who doesn’t think Oil of Olay when someone says “moisturiser”?

In fact, those advertorials have become a part of Australian pop culture.

So what makes it an advertorial?

  1. The word “Advertisement” at the top.
  2. The fonts used are always different to the “genuine” news stories.
  3. The client has bought the space – just as they buy the space for an ad.
  4. The client controls the wording, images and design.

What are the benefits?

    1. You own the space, so you completely control it.
    2. Because you’ve paid for the space, you’re guaranteed that it will appear.
    3. Because an advertorial “looks” like a story, it gains credibility in the minds or readers.
    4. It allows you to give more details than an advertisement.


      • Promote your business
      • Look similar to a “story”, which can entice readers
      • Has credibility as it looks like a news story
      • Gives room for more detailed messages than an ad

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