Have I written about your industry?

Probably. I’ve been writing all my working life. That’s the beauty of hiring a journalist copywriter – I can write about anything. It’s part and parcel of the professional – and it’s YOUR benefit.

Journalists spent every day being briefed about about entirely new concepts (that’s why they’re news) – then communicating them to an audience. It’s a skill that enables me to see your business with fresh and enthusiastic eyes, comprehend new concepts quickly and communicate them in an engaging manner.

Add my journalistic skills as a writer, interviewer and researcher to a comprehensive briefing process, and together we’ll take your message to the masses.

I’m always excited to write about something new, but I do have a few “pet” industries that I specialise in. I am a specialist copywriter for engineering, architecture, building, construction, manufacturing, trades and small businesses. Local Government are another area where I have experience and enjoy being called in to help out with speeches, media releases and newsletters.

If I haven’t mentioned your industry above, give me a call anyway. I have experience writing for many other businesses and, as a journo, I can turn my hand to anything. The key to my success is boundless enthusiasm and an enquiring mind.


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