Why do I need a copywriter?

For the same reason you call in professionals to do other jobs in your business or at home. It will save you time and money.  You’re a busy person – and the time that you will spend writing a media release, newsletter or blog post could be better spent getting on with your core responsibilities. I can produce whatever you need in a fraction of the time – freeing you up to get on with your job.

Why wouldn’t I use a PR consultant?

It’s a matter of horses or courses. Public Relations consultants are great at doing what their name suggests: managing your relationship with the public (which includes the media). If you need someone to distribute media releases, front the media in times of trouble or get you mentioned on breakfast TV, then you want these people by your side. However, PR consultants are rarely trained writers. It’s a bit like asking your GP to pull out your tooth. You wouldn’t. If it’s writing you need, then call a professional writer.

Do I have to pay you a retainer?

No. While I’m happy to take on retainer clients, I’m just as pleased to help you on a one-off or ad hoc basis.


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