This is where I give you the who, what, when, where, why and how about who I am and what makes me the ideal person to help you and your business using my writing skills.

So here we go…

Who am I? Phyllis Stylianou – a former journalist who is now a copywriter.

What do I do? Offer affordable copywriting services to business of all sizes. I specialise in the building, construction and housing industries.

When did I start freelance writing? In 2003 after the birth of my first child. I returned to newspapers (the first love of my life) but continued to run Write Stuff Media on the side. It has since become a full-time business.

Where are my clients? Everywhere. I’ve written for clients in the US and Europe as well as across Australia.

Where am I? Sydney-based in the glorious city of Penrith, nestled at the foot of the Blue Mountains on the banks of the Nepean River. God’s country? Absolutely.

Why do I do it? I love to write. It’s why I became a journalist. I’m happiest when I’m interviewing a client or one of their customers, then creating an article, blog, newsletter, bulletin or media release that will take their story to the world.

Why building, construction and everything to do with the home? My pop Charlie was a builder, my grandad Harry was a diesel mechanic who worked on earthmoving equipment. I’ve been knocking nails into timber and washing engine parts in diesel since I was a wee lass.

When I left News Corp (after too many years) I spent several years as chief sub-editor at Readers Digest’s Handyman Australia magazine. What did I sub? Step-by-step building projects written by the tradies, articles on new building products (wrote ’em too!), articles on architectural and design trends … You name it. If it was building, architecture, home or design related, I wrote and/or subbed it.

Off to Fairfax and after a few years as a community newspaper masthead editor I I found my home, ironically, as editor of the Your Home section. Taps, toots, carpets, curtains, gardens and gates. I wrote it, I edited it – I loved it!

Since then I’ve written for construction and building industry companies whose products include commercial and industrial plumbing fittings, hot water systems, water filtration and pump systems, strain gauges, formwork systems, walling and roofing systems.

How can I help you? Let me count the ways! Let me use my journalistic interviewing and writing skills, combined with a smattering of PR experience to create articles, blogs, newsletters, bulletins, media releases and website copy that will capture the attention of your audience and drive your business forward.

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