3D Wall Panels case study

Godfreys Westfield Warringah Mall

You don’t get a second chance to make a great first impression – especially when the entry to your store is the first thing people see as they walk into Westfield Warringah Mall Shopping Centre.

Vacuum and cleaning specialist Godfreys relocated its Warringah Mall store to a more prominent position in the centre in June. That meant the entry to the store was the first thing shoppers would see as they walked down the mall. It was important for Godfreys and Westfield that the sight was impressive.

That’s when store designer Darren Whyte approached Godfreys National Manager Retail Operations Trevor Bunny with a sample from 3D Wall Panels – the appropriately named “Impressions” design. He suggested using it to create a feature wall that shoppers would see as they walked down the mall towards the store. “Darren said ‘Look, I’ve got a product that I think we should try,” Mr Bunny said. “When he sent me through some shots of it in situ in other stores I said ‘absolutely, it looks great’.”

Mr Bunny said Godfreys didn’t usually use such products in-store fit-outs. “We don’t normally do anything like that, but because it’s a Westfield Mall, they asked us to do a specialised treatment in that area of the store,” Mr Bunny said. “As you’re walking down the mall you can actually see through the front door, so we couldn’t put stock there. They wanted it to be a feature.”

It was the aesthetics created by the panel’s texture that appealed to Mr Bunny – and Westfield’s centre management. “It was different and provided some depth and contrast,” he said. “When we proposed the panel to Westfield and showed them a sample, they immediately said to proceed.

“Our designer had some other options but he said: “I think I’ve got the right one” and I said yes to it immediately. There were other options available but I don’t know what they were. We didn’t even bother investigating them as we were so impressed with the 3D Wall Panels.”

3D Wall Panels supplied the “Impressions” design panel, pre-painted in white polyurethane, to shopfitter Clockwork Construction. The shopfitters installed lightboxes in the panel, which Godfreys uses to promote store information and new products.

Clockwork Construction Project Manager Matt Westcar said while he hadn’t worked with the 3D Wall Panels before, he wouldn’t hesitate to use them again or recommend them to others. “Working with the panel was great,” he said. “It was easy to install and made a great feature wall, especially with the addition of the lightboxes.”

Mr Bunny was equally enthusiastic about the final result. “It’s certainly come up very well,” he said. “The lightboxes fitted in really easily and it looks Mickey Mouse. The panel looks really great next to our blue and, as most of the store is a very pale grey, the pureness of the white of the product just jumps out at you – it’s wonderful.”

The new look has made a lasting “Impression” on Mr Bunny who said he wouldn’t hesitate to use 3D Wall Panels again or recommend them to others. “We’d definitely use them again to create a point of difference,” he said. “To anyone that’s considering using them I’d heartily recommend them.

“We’re a vacuum cleaner store – we’re not very glamorous. But that store does look a little bit glamorous. The 3D Panel has given it a little touch of class and elegance. It’s a very nice product.”



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