Although most good writers know that they have to re-read and revise their writing once they’ve completed a rough draft, it’s nearly impossible for them to catch every mistake. 

When we write, our minds will often read what we think we wrote instead of what’s actually on the screen (or paper).

Having another person read over what you’ve written will always be more efficient because he or she doesn’t know what’s already supposed to be on there.

Until recently, newspapers had sub-editors, whose job it was to read over the copy submitted by reporters. Their main job was to catch any typos, spelling errors (or potential legal problems) that they may have missed.

Sub-editors have mostly disappeared from newsrooms now (in a mistaken effort to cut costs). We all see the result in the printed and online editions of many publications. 

Customers can make a judgement about you or your business based on any typographical, spelling or grammatical errors they see in your writing. Having a copy editor go through your writing ensures clients and potential clients form a good first opinion of you and your business. 

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