A magazine or “look book” is a powerful marketing tool that showcases projects you’ve undertaken or new products displayed “in situ” with a description similar to a mini case study.

It shows clients and potential clients how your product or service has been used in the past to overcome the challenges of a particular project, why the client chose your business to help them, the (of course!) fabulous result and some lovely quotable quotes from your happy customer saying how great your and your product are and that they of course thoroughly recommend you to others.

A magazine or “look book” is a great way to move beyond boring static images of products to create an emotional reaction in your client or potential client and inspire them to consider ways in which your product or service can give them a similar result.


  • Inspire and educate your clients
  • Build brand awareness
  • Show clients how you can help them
  • Share the stories behind your product or service


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